Monday, September 9, 2013

Limited Edition polish for my barnicles birthday

Hey there!
 firstly i hope you have all entered the giveaway on my last post!!!
Now this week is all about my 2 girls aka the barnicles birthdays! so with this in mind i asked my 2 girls to pick glitters to put into 2 very special limited edition polishes to sell in the month of september.

Zoe really took it seriously and went through my glitter collection and picked out some beautiful colours while Poppy just grabbed anything she saw that was pink!

After popping the glitters into a base and letting them sit for many weeks the girls got to see their creations today! and they were both happy.
so here are the pretty polishes......

First up is Zoes, called.......Barnicle 1 which is her nickname when im calling her!

It is a beautiful combo of blue and silver dots, purple glitters and a ultra fine violet glitter dust. all in a black jelly. For anyone who knows Zoe this is really "her"she loves these colours! and i think she did a great job in picking the polish colours!

Now for Poppys polish- we have named is .....Barnicle 2 ...of course!!!!

This is just Poppy! she is the polar opposite to Zoe! where Zoe is a bit of a fangirl and tom boy, Poppy is the girliest girl! she loves her accessories and you will rarely see Poppy without a hat or handbag!

It was quite funny watching Pops picking her colours, i opened the glitters boxes which have all my sample glitters in them and all she said was "OHHHH!!! PRETTY MUMMY!!!" and then proceeded to pull out nearly every neon pink glitter i owned!
Barnicle 2 is a complex glitter topper of neon pink glitters in all shapes and sizes with a fine micro holo dust through it and also a bunch of holo fuchsia glitters and fuchsia dots and white squares. there is also a pink glass flake as well in the base.
Considering Poppy just yanked glitters out of the box i reckon it turned out pretty well!

Both these polishes will be on sale from tomorrow 9th september 2013 at 9am till 30th september 2013.
they will be $9.50 each or $16.95 for the twinset.

you can find them at LOKIS LACQUER or you can also contact me on LOKIS LACQUER FACEBOOK PAGE If you live outside of australia.

Until next time......