Sunday, September 29, 2013

Science fiction- double feature collection part 2

Hey there everyone!!! now it is time for part 2 of the Science Fiction Double Feature collection show and tell!!!!

first up is Strongman

As you can see with the above pics this polish can be layered with another colour or by itself :) 
Strongman was inspired by Dr frankenfurters creation "Rocky" a  well build man for him to play with!
I captured his bright gold hot pants and boots which is what you notice the most about "Rocky"
I'm gutted cause for  the life of me i could not find a clip to share with you :( 

The next polish is inspired by another great character in the flick called Eddie. 
This polish is called 274306


274306 is actually the  number on eddies mugshot in the movie. so a little obscure but not for the true fans! i know of at least 1 person who got it straight away.....yes you know its you cassandra!!!!

Poor Eddies his part was not long lived in the movie and Columbia was devastated when he was killed but the fact that Meatloaf played the part of Eddie and sang! it was some great watching!!!
274306 is a bright blue holographic polish with a red shift. so in some light you can see the red shifting through the blue. It is super hard to capture on camera but you can just see it in this pic above.

So the second last polish in the set is called Even smiling makes my face ache

This is one of my favorite lines Dr Frankenfurter says in the movie. it is toward the end of the movie and you can just see everything is going tits up! Frankenfurter is wearing this fabulous corset and the colour is a sparkly mish mash of blue,green,pink,purple and black with a bit of silver. and this is what i tried to replicate in this polish. so with all those colours of glass flakes in a black jelly i think i may have just pulled it off.

You just HAVE to love Tim Curry in this movie!! He just pulls it off!!!!

So the last polish is from one of the last scenes and basically you find out that they are all from out of space and are going to go home. Riff Raff and Magenta are the ones in charge and have been told pretty much to zip Frankenfurter and Riff Raff says......Say Hello to Oblivion

I tried to capture their outrageous outfits in this polish so it is a black jelly and gold glass flakes. it has a slight copper tone to it as well.

Well this is it! I hope you love these polishes!!! you can find the first 4  HERE to check out if you missed the first part 1.

All 8 polishes go on sale 1st October 2013 at 9am EST but can be pre ordered here at LOKIS LACQUER

There will be reviews and more swatches for you to feast your eyes over at MORE NAIL POLISH and THE RELUCTANT FEMME over the next few weeks as well.

Now to leave you with a mash up of the movie and some of the great scenes .........