Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Colour change polish from born pretty store. Review.

Hey there everyone...i've been a little AWOL lately so sorry for that ! with all my family's birthdays coming up in the 2nd week of september....YES! all 3 birthdays within a week and then fathers day thrown in, i have been pretty slack on the blogging front.

But today i have an intriguing product to share with you.

I was sent for review a Mood colour changing polish. now color change polish is the "in thing"ATM and with everything 80's seeming to be the trendy thing, i thought id jump on the band wagon and give this a go.

I'll be honest, when i got the polish, the first thing i did, which i always do was to pop it onto a swatch wheel. I opened the polish and it was all gloopy :( BLAGH! but after a good shake it seemed to mix together.
I swatched it on the wheel and after 30 mins the polish still had not dried. the first thing i thought was i got a dud bottle of polish. but i left the polish for a few days and then decided to go back to it and swatch on my nails.
The polish again had gone gloopy in the bottle so i shaked ti again and it all mixed in. you can actually see in the bottle shot above how the 2 colours are mixed together.
I swatched over my base coat of duri, and once the first coat had gone on, it took approx 10 mins to fully dry, which again i thought was a little odd. but i did the 2nd coat and then after another 10 mins i put on a top coat of seche vite.

Here is the polish on my nails and when the polish is hot..or body temp.

It is the most beautiful blue colour!!!! so at this point i was forgiving the horrible formula.

and here it is cold. *please note that the polish gets a lot more purple,but even after putting my hands in cold water,the weather was warm so the polish changed back pretty quick! 

So i was totally loving the colour change, i kept on sticking my hands over the air conditioning in the car so it would keep changing!!! 

but what of the formula??? 

Well i contacted Born Pretty Store prior to posting this review as i did not want to write a negative review before learning what the issue was with this polish, and as i said before the colour is "to die for"so i needed to get all the facts.

Anyways, it turns out that this polish is a water based polish!!!! YES!!!! who would have known?? no where on the product listing or on the box did i see it written that these polishes were water based!
Im actually excited over this discovery because as a parent of 2 girls who want their nails a different colour EVERY day, i can let them use this product knowing that i will not have to keep using nail polish remover on their delicate skin! The polish will just wash off in water!
Saying that, if you are like me and LOVE the colour of this polish, you just have to be a little more forgiving to this polish and wait the time it takes to dry and make sure you put a good top coat on. by doing this you will seal the polish and it won't wash off. and make sure you do your tips, as i did not and the polish started to wear after my first hand wash.

So all in all and now i know that the polish is water based i am more than happy with it! my girls can paint their nails as much as they like, and i can just make sure i use a top coat!

But after all this your thinking.... "way too much effort" you could always give one of their other colour change polishes a go as BPS sell colour change gel polish which is a gel UV based product.

so verdict out of 10?? id say a 5. i LOVE the colour ,not the formula, but like i said before the colour of this polish it TOTALLY worth the not-so-great formula. I will wear this again, and my kids will too!

If you are looking to buy this product, you can find it here and do not forget that it is free world wide shipping and if you use the code CATG10 you will get 10% off you entire order!!!!

until next time...