Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My very first AN monday post- Inspired by!

Hey there Everyone...ok so it is tuesday...i know but i was heaps busy yesterday what with the pre order of my Lokis lacquer polishes collection etc and totally did not get my nails finished!!!

Anyways the theme this week for Aussie Nails Monday was Inspired by a..blogger....IG etc person. So i decided to pick Tammy who is behind IG account @ohmygoshpolish she also has a FB page as well called Oh my gosh! polish  her work is amazing and she is really known for all the awesome UV nail swatches and nail art. 
Now im not the best at that kind of thing but i thought i would give it a go!

As i did not even have any UV polish i made myself up some little testers of UV pigment and painted my nails over white undies. Then with several stamping plates including cheeky plate wild at heart and princess charming i stamped all the images you see on my nails!

in the sun.

under blacklight

So i hope you like all the different nails the other AN ladies have done you can check them out over a IG with #anmonday