Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's birthday time for the GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!

Hey there everyone! how are you all?
this week coming is a huge week in the lokis lacquer household! both my girls, Zoe and Poppy aka Barnicle 1 and Barnicle 2 have their birthdays!!!

Zoe is turning 12 and the pops is turning 3!

And what better way to celebrate both their birthday than with a giveaway!!!! right!! right!!!!

so we have a bunch of goodies to give away!

All this could be yours if you enter the rafflecopter below!

so what  are the polishes you might ask?? well they are 3 x one of a kind polishes i created for this giveaway and you know the best thing??? if you win you can name them!!!!!
Here is a close up pic of them....

and ontop of these pretty polishes, i have made a cute silver plated pendant for the giveaway. you can see the pic above but on top of it being a beautiful lilac glitter colour, i used ruby wings festival as the glitter so when you go outside with the pendant is changes colour!!!

So fill in the form below share where you can and fingers crossed!!! this giveaway is open to everyone, australian and international!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

until next time