Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OPI peace and love and OPI swatch and review and comparison with Essie for the Twill of it.

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to show you this polish ever since i got it from color 4 nails a few weeks ago.

OPI peace and love and OPI from the san francisco collection.

pic taken in the sun.

When i first saw this polish i was super excited! i mean i am a total duochrome whore! and anything thats is shiny and changes colour in light i just have to buy!!!

But at the same time as this wonderful polish came out, Essie brought a Duochrome out as well! In their Fall 2013 collection they had a polish called- for the twill of it. now as i said before....duo whore! so i ordered this as well!
Now here is the amazing thing...for 2 companies to bring out new collections at the same time and have similar colours?? i can totally understand this...... but to bring out a collection at the same time and have the EXACT same polish??!!! fluke??? i dont know???   but here is a bottle shot of the 2 polishes together.

in the shade.
Pretty similar huh??
So i did some swatches before deciding on which polish to share with you. and between the 2 polishes i prefer the OPI formula, brush and general way this polish goes on.
I found that the essies brushes are quite thin and the formula with the essies was thin as well. it took 3 coats to do the swatches compared to 2 coats with the OPI.

Here are some swatches side by side.

In the sun.

In the shade.

As you can see about these are pretty much exact dupes of each other! Personally if you want to buy one id go for the OPI even if it is more expensive where you live. the formula is heaps better than the essie.

Now for proper swatches! i decided on the OPI to swatch on my nails so here are some pics for you :)

In the shade

in the sun

in the sun
These were all 2 coats of OPI peace and love and OPI over my black gel nails. you could build up and have no undies but i wanted the duo to pop and it does so much more with a black base coat.

So what do you think??? which would you buy??
You can pick up both the OPI and Essie at color for nails or if they are not listed on Sisi's website contact her via her facebook page and PM what you are after.The owner Sisi has very competitive rates for polish and a great deal with shipping as well. and she ships WORLDWIDE!!!!! so us aussies don't miss out!!!!!

Stay tuned as this month i will be sharing with you all a bunch more dupe and similar polishes that are out there and which ones i think are the best to buy!!!