Monday, September 23, 2013

Lokis Lacquer Science Fiction Double Feature polish collection Release Part 1

Hey there everyone!
Ok so this halloween i decided to do a movie inspired collection than just a trio of polishes randomly named like last year. And what better collection to take inspiration from than The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

I freaking LOVE this movie!!! i have seen it many a time at the movies, own it of course on DVD and have been to see it live in Australia and the UK I even use to have a Magenta costume that i wore out!

So as i decided to do a collection i picked some of my favourite quotes and songs from the show and put together the Science Fiction Double Feature Collection.

First up is the title song Science Fiction Double Feature.

This was inspired by the beautiful lips that sung the beginning credits of the flick. It is a black sheer jelly, filled with red, holo red,white and black dot glitter in several sizes. there is also a sprinkling of fine holo red hex glitter too to give it a bit of character. 
Below is the opening credits if you are not familiar with the song.

The second polish in the collection is called Dammit Janet 

This polish i created to represent really janet in the movie. Pastel pink crelly with satin white and matte lilac glitter along with a fine iridescent violet glitter giving it some shimmer.
Throughout the flick she looks like this prim and proper lady always in pastel pinks and lilacs with petticoats and lace gloves on. Janet you can tell is just waiting for Brad to ask her hand in marriage and become an ever doting housewife to Brad. and Brad well he loves Janet! and was planning all along to ask her to marry him......but little did they know where they would end up one rainy stormy night.........

So the third polish is most likely the song you know. Time Warp

After getting a flat tyre and looking for somewhere to make a phone call, Brad and Janet stumble upon Dr Frankenfurters mansion. They are greeted by 2 strange house staff Magenta a "maid"and Riff Raff the "handyman"i suppose you could call him. They ask Brad and janet in the house and the next thing you know a song erupts! 

This polish is inspired by the array of many colours the guests at the house are wearing for the party that seems to be going on! lots of black glitter and every colour metallic glitter to create a glitter bomb. and with the movie Rocky horror not is all that it seems. this polish has a red to green shifting base to depending on the light your polish will shift colour!

The 4 polish in this collection is called A sexy accident.

With this polish i tried to capture Frankenfurter in his surgeon gown along with his pink gloves and pearls.
The polish has white dot, red,black and holo pink glitters along with a silver shimmer in a mossy green crelly base.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!!!!!!