Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pretty Serious Cosmetics- They came from beyond space II - Part 1

Hi there everyone! 
Today is part one of  Pretty Serious Cosmetics They came from beyond space part II collection.
I am going to share with you 4 of the 8 polishes today and the other 4 tomorrow.

Pretty serious cosmetics released these last month and as soon as they came out I was super excited so brought the whole set! And now with these I now own every single Pretty Serious polish made.....apart from the elusive Golden Ticket that was a giveaway last year. Maybe one day I will own that gem, but for now..... no luck.

OK so lets get started!!!!!!

All the polish to apply was a little thick in this collection, as is 99% of all PSC polishes, and that's what I love about PSC polish, it only takes 1-2 coats to get the perfect finish. As these polishes are textured you do not need a top coat, but if you would like a shiny effect a top coat will be required. Just remember textured polish is a thirsty little fella, and usually I find I need 2 coats of top coat.

Surfing Alien- Is a silver textured polish. I really loved this one. I think it is the favorite in the collection and I will most likely buy a back up of this baby if Kaz every decides to delete it...... which I hope not!!! The silver is the perfect colour and reminded me a little of the glitter bling payoff you get with OPI crown me already.
 I used 2 coats for this swatch.

Robot Monster- is a grey polish with almost a pinky hue to it. I would say it was pewter but it is not quite the same. I do not really have anything like it colour wise in my collection so I am very excited to have it.
This was 2 coats. 

Starship Doom- Is a dark grey textured polish. Honestly this was the polish I liked the least from the collection. Don't get me wrong, the polish is still really pretty I just found the texture pay off was not as good with this polish. I think that is due to it is in a shimmery base. The pics show it as quite textured, but IRL it did not look as textured as this. The camera liked to pay tricks with me! I also had to use 4 coats compared to the 2 coats I have used for most of the others in the collection.

Menace from Mars- Is a red textured polish. So this was the second least favorite in the collection. And again I think it was due to the lack of texture payoff and bling with it. As you can see in the pics the polish is an awesome red,but the texture is not as prominent as some of the others like silver alien.
I also needed 3 coats for this one.

So I hope you have liked the 4 polishes I have shared with you today.Tomorrow I will be sharing the final 4 polishes in the collection.

If you would like to get your polishes pinkies on any of them hop on over to Pretty Serious Cosmetics to buy yours! polishes are AUD$9.95 each and if you buy the whole set like I did you get 10% off as there is a listing for the full collection. Also ATM Pretty serious are having a SALE and some polishes are as low as AUD$6.95.
If you live outside Australia don't worry, you can order too, you just need to pick the non Australia option when adding to your cart, or you could hop on over to any of the  STOCKISTS

Until next time.......

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