Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pretty Serious Naughty Night Shift Nurse swatches....yes again...I know......

Hi there everyone!
How are you all today? I have some more swatches of Pretty Serious Cosmetics Naughty Night Shift Nurse. Yes I know I have swatched before but i got some great pics the other day when I was wearing this beauty, and I wanted to give a huge polish shout out to Kaz of Pretty serious today. And what better way that with this awesome polish!!!
All swatches are 2 coats over a black base coat!

This polish is stunning no matter if it is sunny of overcast! I just cannot get enough of it! I really hope that kaz makes similar polishes in her range at some point. I really do :)

So a huge shout out to Kaz and Ben today big hugs from Lokis Lacquer!!!

Until next time.......

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