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Ulta3 Lip Paints review.

Hi there everyone!
Today I have some new Lip products from Ulta3. 
Ulta3 are releasing a new product in March 2014 called Lip Paints. There are 6 in the colour range.

Here is what Ulta3 had to say about their new Lip Paints.

"Ulta3 Lip Paints features a collection of vibrant and versatile colours that can be used for both day and night make up looks. 
Ulta3 Lip Paints offer super-intense lip colour that has the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease and application of a gloss. Enriched with Vitamin E which moisturises, increases wearability and ensures colour stays intact. They also contain peppermint oil. they are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly."

I was sent all 6 to review. 

First impressions were they looked like a lip gloss, but with intense colour. I decided my old lips were no good for theses swatches so I enlisted the help of my 12 yr old! She is all about the makeup ATM and anything bright gets her attention!

So we will start with her favorite from the collection I think!

*please note all pics were taken in the shade as the neon of the colours did not show up great in the sun. my camera just did not like the brightness of them at all! 

Loud Purple - Is a very bright almost neon purple colour. The colour of the packaging is not a true representation of how bright this colour was. The minute Zoe saw the colour she squealed in delight! The Lip Paint had a gloss feel to it when applied and an awesome peppermint smell. Zoe said it made her lips tingle a bit. Which she seemed to like. The coverage was great. The only down side I found was after a few minutes there was some bleeding on Zoes lips. Tho I am sure if you had foundation on and used a lip liner that could be avoided.

Electric Orange- Is a bright almost sunburnt orange colour. The smell, consistancy and application was the same as the purple Lip Paint. I did not see as much bleeding with this colour tho.

Expressive Fuchsia-  Was my favorite colour from the collection, tho Zoe did argue with me over it. she is all for the purple colour! This colour seemed a little bit thicker on application and more pigmented. Which does show in the intensity of the colour. There was hardly any bleeding with this colour, but it did stain Zoes lips a little bit.Tho nothing a little amount of make up remover couldn't remove.

Extreme Pink- This colour reminded me of the 1980's! bright pale pink!This colour seemed a little thinner than the others and i applied 2 coats onto Zoes lips. She loved it tho!

Manic Mauve- This was the least brightest of the collection and I would say the most appropriate for work. 
This was another really pigmented colour which is great for one coat.

Radical Red- Last one in the collection is a pure red! if you are a fan of red lippy you will LOVE this one! it is super pigmented and is a "to die for"red colour.  There was little bleeding but nothing too much and again foundation and some lip liner would fix this.

Over all this is a great set of colours. My daughter loved them. she said they did not make her lips feel dry and when we left one colour on it stayed on most of the day only needing to be retouched after lunch. Some of the colour did come off on glasses and cups and what not but it did not affect the intensity of the colour.

Here is another quick swatch on my arm in the sun for comparison to the lip swatches.

top to bottom-
Loud Purple,Manic mauve,Extreme pink.
Expressive fuchsia,Radical Red and Electric Orange

You will be able to purchase these Lip Paints from March 2014 in chemists and they will RRP at AUD$5.95 each.
To keep updated on when and where make sure you follow Ulta3 on FACEBOOK and IG @ulta3

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