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Nail Stamper Comparison review

Hi there everyone! today I have a big post on nail stampers. I apologise in advance that this will be a long winded post as I have a bunch of stampers to go through. Bit I hope it will be informative and help you make the right decision when picking a stamper. 

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So Stampers. There are a ton on the market at the moment. I will go through from the cheapest to the most expensive available. There will also be a video at the end.

First up......

Born Pretty Stamper.

This stamper was the first I ever brought. It was 99 cents over at Born Pretty Store and it was shipped for free. 3 or so years ago these stampers were the only one of the market. For the money they are great value for a first time stamper.

Pros and Cons-   The stamper head is not very big, just over 1.5cm wide. And it is not a squishy stamper so If you have very curvy nails you will find it harder to get the image on the nail. Also the stamper needed a LOT of priming to get a good image pick up. On the plus side when I had primed it well the image quality was quite good. The stamper is cheap and if you want to start out I think a great starting point.

XL Rectangle Stamper-  Is the rectangle squashy and non squishy stampers available over at Messy Mansion. This was actually the next stamper that I purchased after stamping for around 6 months. Up until recently this was my go to stamper. I always seemed to get amazing results with this one. I have both the white and red ones here and in the video.

Pros and cons- The red stamper is very similar to the cheap born pretty stamper. If you have fairly flat nails this is fine but I have curved nails so found the white squishy stamper much better. I get a clean image and it fits my small nails. The only down side to any squishy stamper is you cannot use acetone on it. you need to use sticky tape to remove any left over polish. Also if you have wide nails the rectangle one may not be wide enough for you.

Double End XL stamper- So this stamper is very similar in the type of stamper head it has. The stamper is pretty much the same but a different size and shape. Available from Messy Mansion. This stamper is I think the most versatile of all the stampers I have compared.

Pros and cons- A big advantage of this particular stamper is most of the different stamper heads available to purchase fit this stamper. From the messy mansion ones to the Fab ur Nails head, they all fit in this one. I mainly use this stamper for nail decals tho due to its size.

Stamper Heads- There are many places that have stamper heads for sale. The below 2 are the soft and medium ones from Messy Mansion.  When stamping your nails depending on what you feel comfortable using and how much of a C curve you have, this will determine what stamper head to purchase. My personal experience is the more curved your nails the softer the stamper head you need to get the image completely around your nail.

Here is the stamper head from Fab UR Nails This is a silicone head which I have had hit and miss results so far. I need more practice with the silicone stampers. Tho I have been told you can get more detail with a silicone stamper head.

Universal Polish Stamper- This is the newest one I have tried. They are available direct from Universal Polish.

Pros and cons- This was an odd stamper for me. It was very heavy, this I found was actually tiring on my wrist when stamping. The stamper itself was very heavy duty and the stamper heads were quite heavy too. I have heard great things about this stamper but honestly I could not get a great image transfer with it. I tried re priming the head but still it was not as good as my XL stamper.

Creative Stamper- This stamper is the newest on the market and everyone has gone mad over it! I personally was not convinced until I got one! You can purchase them in various places but here in Australia you can buy them via Nail Stamping Queen and Drama Queen Nails.

Pros and cons- Well personally so far I have not found a con. This stamper is great. I will go for this one now over all my others. I love the big size and it is easy to clean with sticky tape. I would like maybe the holder to be a little longer but apart from that I have found clean crisp images every time from this stamper!!!

I have recorded a video demonstrating all of these stampers for you.

I hope this all helps you on which stamper to choose. Prices vary from 99 cents to $15.00 but whatever you choose I am sure you will have a ball learning to stamp.
Remember if the stamper does not work, do not write it off. make sure you have Primed the stamper correctly and you are using the Plate and polish correctly. Make sure you click on the top tab for tutorials to find more How to videos on stamping if you are not 100% sure, of please feel free to pop a comment on the post and I will answer it.

Until next time......
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