Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Metallic Red swatch comparison.

Hi there everyone! today I have a little comparison for you. I was asked recently what a good metallic red would be, and at first I was like.... I don't think I have many metallic red polishes...... but then i went to my helmers.... and yep I do have a few. So I thought I would share what I came up with.
Metallic red is a hard colour to produce. you will see most metallic /foil colours seem to be silver or gold and rarely dark colours. I have to say tho 2 brands, Pretty Serious Cosmetics and Klean color stood out to me as the top 2 who had some great metallic polishes in red.

Ok so lets check out the swatches. 


As you can see by far Klean Color Jewelry red was the most metallic/foil like polish. I picked it up at a $2 shop a while back but I have seen it about still. Pretty Serious Santa's sunburn is also an awesome metallic red tho it does go toward the orange red hue. 

If you would like any other comparisons with polish, and if i have it in my collection I am happy to do more of these posts. just leave a comment.

Until next time......
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