Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nail art with OPI sheer tints

Hi there everyone! Today I thought I would share with you some nail art I created with the OPI Sheer tints that I swatched HERE.
When I swatched the sheer tints I did think they leaned more toward nail art than just plain colours on the nail. So I did a couple of designs to see how they translated onto the nail in nail art.

first up I decided to give watermarbling a go. first up...I am crap at this technique. Every time I try it the polish becomes this globby grey mess. no matter what colours I use. But I have been practicing, and after only 3 goes I managed to get a water marble that I was happy with....kind off...... The sheer tints gave my nails a soft effect but for me it was to subtle. I like bright colours. saying that, my 3 yr old Poppy pointed out my nails looked like her unicorn!!! which to be fair the colours do a bit!
Here is my mani. I used all 4 sheer tints and for my base coat I used Sensationail lily white gel polish. It is the best white gel on the market that I have found!!!!

Not too bad right??!! Arrr....look at my long nails....... I took this pic last week before I broke 3 and had to nub them all.... :'( *cries*.

Next up I decided to try the stain glass window technique that Messy Mansion has shared with us all. It is when you stamp in black then colour in with jelly type polishes. Messy Mansion sell a bunch of jelly colours but as I have the OPI Sheer tints, I figured I would use them. I used all 4 colours again and stamped with Ulta3 Black Satin, my go to black for stamping. I used Messy mansion plate MM20 which I got from Here. with the OPI sheer tints I painted inside the stamped image (I stamped over my white gels again) with a 000 paint brush.

You have to excuse the smudged stamping. I picked up the wrong TC and it smudged my stamping.

I am still going to have more goes as trying to create different techniques with these OPI sheer tints and I think they have a lot of potential.

Until next time........
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