Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dead Set Babes Ghouls Dance swatch...and how i got addicted to glitters!

Hi there everyone!
Now i know halloween has been and gone but i HAD yes...HAD!!!! to share with you all this AWESOME polish i purchased in October called Ghouls Dance by DEAD SET BABES.
 Now im so not a glitter person. I have always purchased holographic polishes and duochrome polish before i  even pick up a bottle of glitter polish. 

UNTIL NOW................

I can honestly say this polish was the one that started me on my glitter kick, and then on my way into the world of glitter polish.......and then continuing on to the what some may say...my obsession with Lynnderellas polishes, which considering i said not 12 months ago id never buy a lynnderella.....well now i own 33 with 4 in the post to come! And this is the polish that started it all.......

I originally purchased this polish purely for the reason it reminded me of candy corn....YUM!!!

When i received the polish in the post i was so excited!!! it was exactly what i wanted so i popped just one coat over Zoya Suri. And i fell in love!!! Ill let the pics tell the story shall i???

Bottle Shot

in sun

in shade

Loki as my AMP

in sun
You can see how i fell for this polish BIG time!!!!
All i wish was that this polish came in more colours then i could use one for every colour combo!!

If you would like to purchase DEAD SET BABES you can click on the link :) you can also keep up to date via FACEBOOK and TWITTER and don't forget to follow via INSTAGRAM.

Until next time.....

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