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Ulta 3 Candy Couture Nail Art kit Review

Hey there everyone,
Today i have a great kit to share with you that is brought out by Ulta 3. As some of you may or may not know, Ulta 3 is a "chemist" brand you can find in big white bins for only $2.00 a bottle. This polish brand is for the money, I think one of the best value around. I personally own over 50 different colours from their range and as new colours come out, i'm one of the first to be hunting down every new colour.

For a little while now Ulta3 have been bringing out some different gift packs to purchase. I was lucky enough to be sent the nail art candy couture kit.

The kit contains 3 limited edition colours, 3 Limited edition nail art stripers, a mixing plate,dotting tool, sponges and some nail art stickers.

There is also a instruction booklet inside the pack that shows you 3 different techniques, which i will show you today.

First up i have to say that the kit looks great. the instruction leaflet was informative. I tested the instructions out on my 12 yr old and she understood them so for a novice at nail art im sure they would be able to follow no problems. The only issues i had with the information booklet was the nail shots were superimposed and looked really fake :( i would have likes to see real nails in the booklets. and honestly there are so many nail bloggers out there im sure one of us would do it for a few bottles of free polish :) but apart from that a great booklet.

 There are 3 Limited Edition colours in this gift pack.

Fairy Floss- This is a real girly pink. It took 3 coats to get opaque. it is a lovely colour. I used Seche Vite as a top coat.

Sour Grape- A beautiful purple colour. this was only 2 coats to be opaque and a top coat of Seche Vite.

Toffee Apple- Another awesome colour. this green is just right. but then i'm a sucker for green :) 
2 coats for opacity and a top coat of Seche Vite.

There are 3 nail art stripers in the kit. The colours are Sizzling Red, Lily White and Black satin.

So i decided to follow the instructions and create the nail art in the booklet.

First up are polka dots. I followed the instructions and used fairy floss, the lily white striper polish and used the dotting tool for the actual dots.

Next in the instruction booklet was a gradient.I picked toffee apple and sour grape.
I followed the instructions to see if i would get the same effect, tho i did put a base coat of the sour grape first to make sure it would be opaque enough on my nails. I cut the sponge in 1/2 to save some for next time and i also jiggled my sponge back and forth to spread the polish and get a better gradient.

Lastly was the zigzag lines. I used toffee apple and the lily white and black satin stripers. I again followed the instructions to start with,but i just could not get it right. i'm use to dotting my nails first so i know where the chevrons need to go so they are all even. but i persisted with the booklet and they did not turn out too bad.

I also wanted to show off all 3 colours of the nail art stripers, so i grabbed my bottle of Ulta 3 honolulu and did some nail art.

Lastly i wanted to show off the nail art stickers. They are really cute almost like graffiti. I would have loved to see them in white and black rather than 2 sheets of black. White would have been awesome on black matte nails as a chalkboard mani.

So to show off the Nail art stickers i did 2 coats of Ulta2 lily white, then 2 coats of Ulta3 citrus, I placed the nail are stickers using the small end of the dotting tool in the kit, then did 1 top coat of Seche vite.

 How cute are the stickers!!!!!!
Now I do not know if you are aware but several of the Ulta 3 polishes are UV reactive. so I took a pic under the UV light I have.

How Awesome is that!!!!!!!

This kit is great value for money and any nail enthusiast would be super stoked to get this for Christmas.

The kit RRP at AUD$20.00 and can be purchased from most chemists that stock Ulta3 nail polish.

If you cannot find one near you head on over to the Ulta 3 Facebook Page and you can message your post code to them to find you nearest stockiest.

Until next time.....
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