Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Lynnderella Spam.....

Hi there everyone! today i have a few manis to share with you using the wonderful Lynnderella polishes.
Ill be honest, i never really got the whole Lynnderella hype when i first joined the wonderful world of polish, and i held out for over a year and said i was never paying "that much" for a bottle of polish. Well in the past 6 months, my arm has been twisted and after receiving my very first bottle of Lynnderella in a polish swap i have never really looked back. Sure you can get plenty of glitter indies out there, but i don't know what it is but with a Lynnderella polish it just seems to cover the nail better and generally be a better polish. As an indie maker myself id love to know her secret!!! and where she gets the wonderful array of glitters that you cannot seem to find anywhere else!!! So after only owning 3 bottles a little over a month ago i now own 30 bottles of Lynnderella polish!!
Addicted much.......?????

Anyways on with the spam.....

A unicorn walks into a bar over Orly Sweet Peacock

Cauldron Drippings over Zoya holly

thank blue and opal  intuition

seasons glitterings over a custom green holographic polish

Punkkin pie

very pretty vampire over Femme fatale barnicle wrangler (custom)
I love each and every one of my Lynnderellas now and i don't think i would every go back to any other glitter polish ....ever......

If you are looking to grab yourself some of these lovelies head on over to GLITTER CONNECT where you will be able to purchase all the core ranges of Lynnderella polishes. If you are after a Limited Edition Lynnderella check out LYNNDERELLA SHOP ON EBAY  where you can pick up an array of LE polishes.

Until next time.....
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