Wednesday, April 25, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games swatches.

morning everyone! I have a few of the China Glaze Hunger Games swatches for you today.
I have never read the books or watches the movie....i'm not really interested with it. But i  AM interested with the polishes! well....some of them. I have seen most of them now and some of the polishes are great but some of them are a bit meh..
Here are the ones i liked and brought.
first up is stone cold.
I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. it is opaque with one coat and it is matte!
what i did not like was i could not put a top coat on without it getting the shiny finish and with only 1 coat it chipped within a few hours. You will have to excuse my short nails. i chipped 2 and thought what the heck i trim them all!
*note all polishes have a sally hansen base coat on.

Here is stone cold with a essence gel ous top coat. i love this polish matte and shiny!

Next is electrify, it took only 2 coats to get a good cover with this polish and boy oh boy did it look bright! the camera does not do it justice i put a coat of SV on top.

I thought i would pop a coat of chi chi matte top coat on to see what it looked like. apart from the fact even with a thick coat the matte polish cracked it did not look too bad. i soooo need to get a better matte top coat. i really do not like the chi chi one.

Next up is lux and lush. by itself it was a bit... meh. and even with two coats of SV it still felt rough. but i did put it on some other polishes the other day and it was more of ...MAAAAAAHH!! than ...meh.

Ok the last of my CG hunger games polishes was smoke and ashes. I was not 100% sure to buy this polish as i did not really neeeeeed another dark blackish polish but i am glad i brought it. You cannot really see well on the photo but this polish has a great blueish and purpleish micro glitter in it. i just love this polish.
believe it or not i have NO top coat on this polish.

Right. This next polish i made my self. i really wanted to get riveting. it looks fantastic a bright orangey red with gold flecks through it but when i brought these polishes it was sold out :( so i tried to make a similar one myself. i used a sally hansen xtreme in crushed and then orly sugar together. it is similar but it does not have the zazz that riveting has. i will have to keep an eye out for it.

So with all these polishes i thought i would have a go at making a polish ring. i used smoke and ashes and lux and lush. i managed to get some great sterling silver ring base and cabochon on ebay and had a go.
it did not turn out too bad!

 Well what do you think?