Sunday, April 22, 2012

very exciting mini haul!

Right! i have literally just got in the door from shopping in penrith today and i am so excited to share with you all!
check out what i grabbed today!

I was SO excited to see a essence display in Target!~i have been looking for blue addicted polish for ages as it is a dupe for a certain deb lip polish! and there is was staring me in the face. i almost wet myself!!!
Plus to make it even more gravy....they were all $2.55 and the clear top coat was $3.45
the colours i got were clear top coat xxxl shiny gel look,frozen queen,where is the party...which i might add reminds me so much of models own beetlejuice. make it golden,blue addicted and hard to resist.
i would have brought more but most of the colours were sold out. i was assured though that they will be getting more in !!!! Watch out target i want every colour in this range!!!

Next i stopped into blooms chemist. i was going in for some panadol for my 10 year old but they had a clearance bin and in it were mini orlys for $2.00 and full size for $5.95 they also had nail corrector pens,bonder dry drops along with a bunch of other orly stuff. this is in all blooms i was told. they have a bunch to get rid off. so the one on the left is cosmic kiss.
then off to priceline and picked up a sally hansen for $3.95 all the SH products are $3 off till the 23rd.
lastly and this was the BEST bargain of the day...... Big W they have $5.00 off all max factor so the minis came to a total 48cents each!! i kid you not! 48cents each!!!! if they had every colour left i would have brought them but they only had this colour and i use this on my tootsies so i got 2.

great haul huh!
i am promising myself i am not buying any more polishes next month. my mother in law is coming over from the UK in 2 weeks and she has got me 4 bottles of Max factor fantasy fire one which i plan to use in a bit of a giveaway soon, the new barry M croc effects and models own beetle juice trio.