Saturday, April 28, 2012

The price of polish.....

Right i kind of need to get your help...I am trying to get a gauge of what some polishes are worth.
So if i said that i had a brand new bottle of say.......China Glaze OMG
that was brand new and not opened. what would it be worth? I am thinking of going through all my polishes and having a HUGE cull. I have a bunch of pretty and polished, Dollish polish and others  and i just do not know what they are worth.
here is another polish is have.....

This Floam...which to be honest i am getting a little bored with...i know how could i say that!!! i was going to sell also. the bottle is 1/2 full now so what price do i put on it???
any ideas??? I even have a few max factor fantasy fire polishes heading my way too
comment to let me know ok!!! this will really help me out