Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super hot icy slide franken polish with a very valentino topper.

Hello there everyone! i have been at it again and making some frankens.
This franken i am going to show you today is called Super hot icy you know what movie it is from?
Blades of glory! i love that movie, anything with will Ferrell in is GOLD!

anyway i made this polish up with some green/blue duo mica pigment and a bottle of silver glitter ultra 3 glitter top coat. it worked out well as the glitter base was a suspension base and the pigment did not settle.

Now before i share with you the pics please do not look at my cuticles and general hand condition. with a combo of bleach and detergent the other day my hands have gone dry and yuck!! if anyone knows of something to get them back into condition that i can buy in Australia PLEASE i beg you comment me. i ham using clarins hand cream and sally Hansen cuticle treatment and nothing is working...whaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
ok here are the pics.

My polish painting is crap too it was a late night and i was tired but you get the idea of the colour. this is 1 coat over opi black polish. and a coat of fast forward top coat. i love how the green and blue do stand out with this duo though i was inside when taking it so lighting is an issue. as i get better at taking the pics i hope they turn out better.
once i had done this polish i wanted to cover up the mess i made with the black undercoat so i got out my new pretty and polished very Valentino.
i have to say it goes on well and i was quite happy with the coverage i have 1 coat of very Valentino on.
 Tara :)