Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty and Polished Chelsea Chelsea Bling bling swatch and a blog sale update.

First things first i have updated my Blog sale here. I have added some pretty and polished polishes and also taken $1 off most of the other polishes. If you want to make me an offer on them feel free too. just email me!

Now for the swatch. another Pretty and polished polish.
Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling.
I thought it looked lovely in the bottle and do not get me wrong it is a NICE polish! but i am just not a pink gal! if the colour is hot pink i might wear it but i found this a little to girly for me. I have added it to my blog sale.

I used my usual base coat and then 3 coats of the polish. it went on great and was not streaky at all.i did not put a top coat on this. i would have maybe liked a bit more glitter,but i am a bit of a magpie so i was happy with what was in the bottle. It did need a GOOD SHAKE though as i found a lot of the glitter had sunk to the bottom of the bottle.I did like how the pink had that gold shimmer in it when it was in the sunlight!!

All in all if i was not so much of a anti-pink gal i would certainly have kept this polish.

I have had mixed feelings so far with all the pretty and polished polishes that i have brought so far. I love the way they all go on the nail but some of the colours have not been what i expected.
There was the whole labor of love issue that the polish i got was not the colour that was advertised but i did contact pretty and polished and she was really helpful and has sent me a new bottle in the post so when that comes i will review too.
At the end of the day i do not care how much a polish costs as long as i get good service and the product is of good quality. and that was certainly the case with pretty and polished.
If you want any of their polished you can buy them here. I do also have a few for sale in my blog sale.