Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Franken polish- bella's blood,Zombie yawn and bend and snap

I have finally finished the last of the frankens i was having a go at.and i am quite pleased with them. Zoe helped me name them.
First up i have bella's blood. zoe named this because....1...... she is twilight mad...... and ...... she says that bellas blood would sparkle just like Edwards skin now!

This polish does settle but i popped a few ball bearing in and with a good shake up looks great. i used pearl ex macro pearl pigment, red micro glitter in a clear base.

You can see the really fine red glitter in the polish and because it is sheer it looks great over black! this is 3 coats.and no top coat.

Oh and BTW how good are my cuticles looking!! finally getting better thanks to lush's lemony flutter!!!!!

Next up is bend and snap.
Zoe named this after legally blonde as this is just the polish Elle would wear!
This polish is a duo coloured polish as the pigment i used is pearl ex pink-blue pigment colour shift. thee is also silver micro glitter and flakies(from opi lilly love you) in this polish. this is 2 coats with no top coat.

I tried the best i could with a daylight globe to get the duo colors showing . it is almost dark outside so no luck with the sun i am afraid!

Last  up is Zombie Yawn. Zoe loves Shawn of the dead and one of her favorite sayings from this movie is zombie yawn so that was what she named this greeny gold polish!
I used green/gold duo pigment for this with gold sparkle glitter base.
I did 2 coats with this as well and no top coat.

I really like this polish! the gold really stands out in the sun!

I made up 2 bottles of all my frankens and labeled them with the ingredients.
I am going to have a blog sale tonight so if you like any of these polishes or the super hot icy slide that i swatched the other day i will be selling 1 of each.
so check it out ok!