Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue nails for Autism Awareness day

OK. If you know me and my family, you will know that my oldest daughter is Autistic. Not the autistic that you see with some kids these days,and if you excuse the frankness , the kids that...if they were better parented and taken of a bunch of crap food and lollies these kids would not act like they do....... but i am talking about  AUTISM.
 My daughter Zoe is Autistic.
 She did not speak till she was 4 1/2 ...i will never forget her first word. It was 'Flower'i think i cried when she said it. i get a tear in my eye just writing about that moment. While she was little Zoe just use to either stare into space, be obsessed with the TV or be screaming the place down. she never babbled, pointed at things or clapped. She never said mamamama or dadadada, looked you straight in the eye, or wanted to play with other kids. Honestly we thought she was deaf. she even had her brain stem checked out! But at 3 she was diagnosed with Autism.
Do not get me wrong. I am so grateful to have Zoe just the way she is. She is SOOOO funny! she has the wickedest sense of humor,very adult for her age and boy oh boy,is it a black humor!
 As soon as she was diagnosed i gave up work and have taught her as much as i could,she has had so many specialists and speech therapists etc you would not believe. and now she can talk you crazy! she doesn't shut up! She does not always make sense but i am happy she is as 'normal' as she can be. Zoe even started a normal school with a special teacher 3 years ago.
She  has good days and bad but is coping fairly well.
The one thing Zoe is, is honest! she will say what she thinks. i suppose this is because our kids as so literal! And i think this is to her advantage, but kids do give her a hard time because of it.
Saying that, With the other health issues Zoe has i am quite grateful she does take everything so literal. Zoe has a spine issue which she has to wear a back brace 20 hours a day and she also has irlen syndrome, and a really bad anxiety disorder. so she freaks out at the smallest thing.but if we say something to her she takes it and does not argue.
Anyway enough about Zoe, lets talk about Autism awareness day. it is all about Blue!!! even the opera house is getting the blue treatment tonight! so for this reason i painted my nails blue this morning.
I got out my sally hansen blue polish and my opi last friday night and splashed a bit of colour around!
check it out.
 Excuse the cuticles they are horrible at the moment, if anyone can tell me what to do to get them better please let me know. no amount of cuticle oil and hand cream seem to help :(
so if you are feeling in the mood paint your nails sometime this month blue for autism. i know Zoe wants her nails blue all month!!!
(sorry about the long winded post...)