Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Franken P is for Poppy

Hello everyone,
Today i have another franken for you that i have made.
This franken i am thinking of actually selling as it turned out so well. I called it P is for poppy as...well it reminded me the colour of some poppies i have in my yard and  also my youngest daughter is called Poppy!. I know i am going to have to make a polish called Zoe now as my 10 year old will be harassing me that i have not made one in her name!!!
anyway this is a holographic polish, though i struggled to get the effect photographed. if any of know about spectraflair this is what i put in the bottle along with fine silver glitter and red pigment.
here are the pics....

As you can see it is a little rough due to the glitter but to be fair this was 2 coats and no top coat. with a top coat it will be a lot smoother!

What do you think? if anyone is interested in a mini bottle of this polish i will be making it to order for $5.00 a mini bottle. plus postage email me for more info.