Monday, July 16, 2012

Glitter gal polishes for $1.00 YES!!! $1.00!!!!!

Well, firstly before i started this post i had to change my pants because i wet myself with excitement when i saw this! LOL!!! no actually not quite but i was a very excited bunny when i saw this.....

Yes Your eyes do not deceive you....... I brought glitter Gal polishes for $1.00!!!!!!! they are the small size but i do not care!!!

I was at Penrith Plaza (in Penrith 2750) today and upstairs next to Big W a clearance shop opened up called beauty basement. and they had tubs and tubs of old polishes like revlon BYS etc. I started to have a looksie and as i rummaged up popped a little holo silver polish. i looked and thought i recognize this bottle! then looked again and sure enough it was glitter gal polish. well the assistant must have thought me mad as i did a little dance! and then she says the small ones were $1.00!
so i looked through and grabbed one of each of the colours i do not already have.
 I got from the top picture- Sparkle(glitter one) silver, white, copper and black. then in the next pic i got Holographic silver,copper,green and blue. notice the really old bottle of the blue! and the silver one has a bit of an old price tag on the label but i do not care! I have tried them all out on a finger each and they are all perfect! and i REALLY like the black! one coat and full cover. so if you are around the Penrith way go and check it out!

while i was out i also brought a few other polishes. these next bunch are what i brought over the past couple of weeks. plus the Essence season of extremes did not cot me anything as i did a mystery shop assignment in priceline so the money i got to spend in store paid for them!

ok here we go!

First up is a couple of essie polishes. i have never owned any before but have always wanted to get the matte about you polish. so when i went to Myer and they had a little gift pack with a matte about you and a polish(the blue-bobbing for baubles polish) and a nail file for a price of $17.95 i jumped at the chance! then when i got to the till there was 30% off so i got both for $13.00!!! then i brought a clearance polish called waltz as it was a sheer finish and thought it would be good for sandwiches. that one was only $9.45.

These next 3 colours above are from priceline.  this savvy brand is only $2.99 a bottle and the quality for the money is great! the hot pink needed only 2 coats and i did not have to put white under it to get a good neon effect! the blue glitter is really close to a revlon polish so for $2.99 i was more than happy.

This polish above i was so happy with and i wish they had more but no joy. i got this CK polish from Trade secret for $4.95 it is a real dark vampy red with gold shimmer through and i love it!

These Essence polishes ended up being my freebies due to a mystery shopping assignment i had to do at priceline. the colours from left to right are- just the nude of us,brightmates,its two bright and we are all bright. Honestly thought apart from the pink and blue ones. i was quite dissapointed with them. the shimmer even though look different are not. they all look the same on the nail :( except for the greeny one. plus compared to the mini bottles for $2.55 these are $5.50 each. i will wear the pink an blue with other neons though!

Next up is a couple more essence polishes i got from priceline in penrith. I wanted a pink jelly and this was the nearest i could find. called sweet as candy.  the 50s girl one is called love me tender.

These 2 polishes above are a custom made polish from jenna ar lacquistry. I wanted an ozzie polish so she made me southern cross with white bars,blue and red hex and white stars. this looks great on revlons royal polish! the other polish is one that i wanted called back on the dwarf. i wanted a red dwarf polish and she did it for me! red hex for the dwarf and some silver hex for the stars and in black for the vastness of space!

Last up is 4 ozotic polishes that i brought from picture polish. they are deleting the ozotic range so i made sure i grabbed a few that i wanted. they are509,534,528 and 505 the last 3 all match so well together. I have 3 more on order and am waiting for them to arrive!

I think next month i am going to have a polish free month. and i so need to go through my polishes and have a sale!!! so keep an eye out on my blog sale page.

Swatches will be following when i get an hour or so to do them!

Tara :)