Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adventure time Nails!

Zoe loves Adventure time!

 She obsessed with the show. She has the figures and DVD. So when she asked me to paint her nails like Adventure time i thought...OMG this is going to take AGES!!!!!!!
then i had an idea. well actually it was not my idea as such , i saw it on More Nail Polish ..using tempory tattoo paper to print and them put on nails.

I downloaded this picture.

and printed it real small on some paper. then cut out some tattoo paper to fit the image, stuck it on the paper and ran it through the printer again. This way i did not waste any of the tattoo paper.

I then cut out a bunch of the characters, put 3 coats of a silver holo on Zoes nails and let them dry.
Once dry i put the images on her nails and followed the instructions as per packet for the tattoos. trimmed etc the excess and here are the results.
I have to say this would be much easier on adult nails as Zoes are so small!!!!

 And here is a pic of each finger.

(Ok Zoe does not only have 9 fingers!LOL but she has a double up of Finn on 2 fingers so i did not bother photographing it twice.)

I got the tattoo paper on ebay for $7.00 a sheet and free shipping so not a big outlay when you think of sally hansen foil effects are $14.00. and you can do what ever you like. I think i am going to do a xmas scene for yulefest this week.

Tara :)