Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daring digits polish!

I had some more happy nail mail today! i got my order from daring digits. Ashley and her polishes are awesome!!! you can get them from her shop daring digits on etsy Here.
Ashley is such a sweetie! She was kind enough to make a personalize bottle of polish for my daughter Zoe.

I do not think that Zoe has ever been so excited! She came home from school, the normal conversation followed as usual...... "hi mum. did you get any post today?"  i said "yes" Zoe then asked what she always asks when i get post. "did you get any nail polish?" See i  have her well trained!!! i then this time said "yes Z, i got my order from Daring digits."Zoe then said "Oh! the super hero ones???"i then told her that yep it was these polishes and there was also a special one as well. Well Zoe got all excited and then i showed her. She picked it up, looked at it ohhhing and arrring over the glitter and then looked at the bottle bottom. 
The scream i think was heard back at school!!! " MUM MUM!!!! IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!!!!!"she screamed. Yes i said ashley from daring digits made especially for you!, but how did she know my name and my fav colour?? she asked. so i explained the conversation with Ashley and she just looked at me and said"so it is mine???? " Zoe is so cute! she sometimes does not understand always about things due to her ASD but i have to thank you Ashley for making my childs day!!!

Ok. so want to see zoes nails??? She painted them all herself, and i just cleaned up with some acetone and a paint brush at the end. She used Sally hansens xtreme Blue me away as her "undies" and then her Zoe polish on top.

She even has the posing on with the bottle down pat! and her cuticles look a bunch better than my dry hands!!!!
I think she did really well for her own paint job!

Now what else did i get from daring digits??
I got the super hero collection.

left to right- ironman, spiderman ,robin and batman. I think that ironman looks a lot like china glaze electrify so i think i will do a comparison i think. and robin will be great for xmas nails!!! but my fav would have to be spiderman i rally love this. it went on really well with good coverage. i decided to do a sandwich with spiderman and essie waltz this was my first attempt at a sandwich.
check it out (and excuse the dry cuticles... no amount of lemony flutter seems to get them back to good!)

The last 3 polishes i brought from daring digits was there 3.

These are- why so serious, enderman and cherry square. how great does the first one look! i cannot wait to put it on my nails!

So again thank you Ashley your polishes are awesome and the price and quality is great!

Tara :)