Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jamies post with her prizes!

Hello everyone, as you may or may not know Jamie won my giveaway a few weeks ago. she go sea creature by the hungry asian, a bottle of max factor fantasy fire,a polish rig i made and a bottle of radioactive a franken i created. today she has swatched these polishes and posted on her blog Here.

Here is one of her pictures! She has such lovely long nails! so much better than mine to show off polish!

The ring i made i have started selling. I am charging $15.00 per ring and all the rings are silver plated and really good quality.
I am happy to do requests for a specific colour or design.

The franken polish i am thinking of selling as a limited edition polish. I am not 100% how much i will charge .i need to work out my costs etc but if anyone is interested just email me on osirisandloki at gmail dot com. it is all about getting the spectraflair etc.

Thanks again jamie for sharing your winnings!!!
Tara :)