Monday, July 9, 2012

another haul of polishes.

So i took my girls shopping in parramatta on saturday because Zoe wanted to buy a build-a-bear with her saved up pocket money. While i was there i thought i would check out nail polishes too. I do not know about you guys but when ever i go to another shopping centre i always seem to find a polish or 2 that i cannot get at my local shops.
So i went to target and they actually had the full range of essence colours! I was so excited as i am trying hard to get the full range of them in my collection, and our local target does not stock them and penrith store is always out of stock, but as parramatta is over an hour to get to from our place i do not venture there very often. so i went through the polishes and picked out a bunch. at $2.55 a bottle i was well happy. Saying that the newer bottles scanned at $2.95 so they must be going up in price soon.

Next we went to Priceline. as i walked in Zoe went mad and pointed out very excitedly that there was Orly on special for 2 for $5.00. I have her so well trained  :) she went straight up to them and started to rummage through looking for colours i did not have. She managed to find 4 colours. I tell you what it is great having a daughter with autism!!! she knew what colours i do and do m not have so i did not have to think about it!!!!
then I got excited as there was an essence stand there too, unfortunately it was completely empty except for the blue polish which i quickly snapped up! then lastly, we went to irisstar which is closing down and they had all their polishes for 75cents. so i got one with stars in it.
what a haul!!!!
here is what we got in total......

Essence- I want that!
Essence - Wake up! (that scanned at $2.95 not $2.55)
Essence - wanna be your sunshine
Essence - Viva la green
Essence - Sparkling water lily
Essence - Princess prunella
Essence - Walk on air
Essence - Blue addicted
Essence 50s girls - im a marine girl

random polish from irisstar
Orly - scarlet
Orly - sapphire luck
Orly - vanguard violet
Orly - glitz

I really wanted to get the rest of the 50s girl collection but no joy they were out of stock :( the red looks nice!

That night when the kids were in bed i managed to get all my polishes into 2 drawers in colour order and i got the little white stickers put a drop of polish on the stickers and then put one on each bottle so when i open the drawer i can see what colour is where without taking each one out. It took ages but well worth it.
I counted up and not i own just under 200 polishes OMG!!! and i have polishes on the way from rainbow honey, ninja polish and daring digits! 27 to be exact! there are a few lemmings i want from pretty and polished and dollish polish and Zoe has written me a list too that she wants from them!

i will start my swatches on my haul next week as this week is all about Yulefest. i am off to yulefest on the weekend and need to get my nails sorted!