Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The great Aussie polish challenge ...day 2

Good morning everyone! we are no on day 2 of the great Aussie polish challenge!
Today i am going to share with you the wonderful brand Ulta3.

These polishes are great value at $2.00 a bottle and you can pick them up at Blooms chemist, Woolworths, and sometimes even in Target.

I was lucky to pick up a bunch of Ulta3 polishes the other day for 80 cents a bottle in Woolies!
So as i had green yesterday on my blog today i am going with.....Yellow! well Neon yellow to be exact!

To get the best effect of a neon it really needs to go over White, i used Ulta3 lily white. This is a great polish and good for stamping!
The Neon Yellow is called Citrus.

For this swatch i used a base coat of seche vite rebuild then 2 coats of Ulta3 white lily, then 2 coats of citrus.
How nice is this neon. it is SO bright on the nail! i think i may even stamp on white with this polish.

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