Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yulefest nails.

So on Saturday my family celebrated Yulefest. if anyone does not know this is Christmas in July. to be honest we kind of do this for my dads benefit as he misses the cold wintery christmasses now we live in australia. not the UK any more.
So Zoe and i decided to do our nails with a Christmas theme.

First up is Zoe.
Sorry about the pic on this one as i used my iphone :(

We used wet and wild white for a base coat then i stamped with monster bundle plate BM213 using the snowflake like design. i first stamped with China glaze 2NITE then with dollish Polish millenium  falcon then i used a top coat with china glaze shooting star and seche vite.

As you can see after 2 mins she has already chipped one of her nails! kids!!!

for me i was wearing red so i chose a simpler design.

I did a base coat of insta dry base coat with sally hansen then China Glaze glittering garland I love that polish so much!!! then i taped off my nails and did klean color metallic red once that was dry i used my embossing stylus from my scrapbooking stash to dot klean color metallic gold. then 2 coats of seche vite.
They turned out quite well and everyone commented on them!

tara :)