Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stealing pictures, lying about techniques, removing watermarks....what ever will they think of next???

I woke up yesterday to have a read of the usuall blogs on polish, and craft to see that a saga had happened over night. Sinful colors (now owned by REVLON) had brought out new leaflets and store displayed into the american chain Walgreens. Fine you might say, so what? but to the horror of a dedicated bunch of bloggers like myself who read our fellow nail addicts blogs each and every day, we hear that Sinful (and boy oh boy are they sinful...) colors  had stolen several bloggers photos,removed the watermarks and cropped to use in their leaflets. to top this all of they then Photoshop the nail imaged onto the models in the store displays!
Check out the following blog post by Nailed it here.

Personally i do not own many sinful colors polishes...actually i own only1. and i am not a huge fan of revlon, i find their polishes very hit and miss with cover and drying time. i have one polish that just will not dry on my nails! but form now on i think i will be boycotting their polishes for some time.

Revlon have issues on facebook and apology to the bloggers in the saga, but seriously.....they must have know what they were doing??? they purposely cut out  the watermarks and cropped the photos! and to top this all off the polishes used the the said manis were not even sinful colors, i think one was MAC and the other color club. I really hope that these companies seek legal advise about this too.
I am the first to say i do not watermark my pics, i should but cuticles are terrible and i am sure no one will want my pics LOL!!! but i will be doing it from now on.

The other thing that upset me is the leaflet had wrong info on it. one of the manis was a toothpick method. and the picture clearly showed a stamping mani. there will be a lot of newbies out there who want to give it a go for prom or another function and in now possible way will get the same effect. this i am sure would ware away future blogger like myself who learned by leaflets and searching the net.
Please help us stamp out this display of theft and send a message to big companies who are too lazy to hire a model and a makeup artist for an hour to do someones nails. here is a link to the following.

sinful colors community page

a petition to stop sinful colors theft.

revlons so called apology

please feel free to comment on all of these.

Ok i have had my rant....and i really hope this does not happen again!!!

Tara :)