Friday, January 9, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics January Release plus 31 Day Challenge with Iron Man!!!

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Hi there everyone!!! how are you all? It will be a busy posting day today so bare with me...there may be up to 3 posts today,what with this review, and 2 nail art challenges i'm currently doing!!!

Ok. So today I have 2 polishes to share with you from Celestial Cosmetics. One is a creme and the other a stamping polish. Both polishes were released this week in Celestial Cosmetics January Release.

Lets look at the first one shall we.

Carpo- Is a pale grey creme. Grey is in at the moment so what better time to grab a bottle of grey polish!!!!  The formula with Carpo I found was good tho I did need 3 coats for full coverage. But when I like a colour it is not really an issue for me. The coats dried very fast which was nice so even tho I needed 3 it did not take long to have touch dry nails.



Midas-Is a gold stamping polish. I love coloured stamping polish! Really I do! I use a lot of black and white stamping polish but other colours I find do not always stamp that well.
This is not the case with Midas. Midas stamped perfectly every time and was opaque over black as the next few pics will show. I stamped with a fine detailed plate and one with a lot of stamping space so it had bigger areas to cover.

larger pattern over black and white

finer detail over black and white

Lastly I decided to do a double up ! Yep I'm loving double ups ATM when I'm currently trying to swatch and do 2 challenges at a time ;)
I decided to do the #31 day challenge with Midas, and as it was Red as a base I chose to use Celestial Cosmetics Men of Mayhem as it was a great red holo... but as usual I pop on a holo and the sun goes away I took the best pics I could.

Guess what I did that was red and gold??? Yup IRONMAN!!! got to love Ironman!!!!

I used Emily de molly plates 3 and 12 for the stamping and then hand painted on the Iron Man face. I need a little practice I think as it was not 100% in proportion. 

You will also notice too I used Midas as the feature nail. I used 2 coats. you will have to be careful using this as a polish rather than a stamping polish as it is a little thicker than normal due to the amount of pigment in it so it takes longer to dry.

Well both of these polishes are available over at Celestial Cosmetics now. Midas and Carpo are both AUD$8.50 and men of mayhem is AUD$11.00

Don't forget to check out also everyone else's challenges below for today!!!!

Until next time.......
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