Friday, January 2, 2015

Challenge Nail Art Day 1

Hi there everyone!!! Today for the 1st January....and yes I know im a day late....... the theme for both challenges i managed to work into one!!!

For the IG challenge #bomailartjan the theme is New years day and for the tough as nails challenge the theme is follow a tutorial! so I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone!!!!

Now I am pretty crap with nail foils. Ask me to use nail foils or just foils in a card design and no problem!!!! It's what I do for a living!!! I design cards for magazines!!! and actually not that long ago I did a whole article using foils here is the article I did... It was in Australian Papercraft Essentials issue 35 and all the card were made using foils...which essentially is what nail foils are...its the same thing!!!!

Anyways that gives you an idea of what non nail you can do with foils!!!! But its a total different kettle of fish on your nails!! with card you use a special embossing powder heat set it then it becomes tacky and you apply the foil. with nails you need a special polish for the foils to stick correctly.

I had brought some foils from Ebay along with the polish glue. but could never get it right. so I checked out a tutorial over at Nail art 101 and gave it a go!!! 

Here are the results!

It did not turn out too bad!!! I wanted them not to cover they whole nail as I had a very pretty holo polish on under them (its a celestial cosmetic polish soon to be released Shhhhhh!!!!! im not suppose to share yet......) and then I had read over at More nail polish not to use normal top coat on your foils but to use Picture polish Revolution as a top coat and sure enough the revolution was great and the foils did not get affected at all.

So both challenges for day one done!!! I followed a tutorial and did an awesome new years day mani!!!!!

Until next time.....
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