Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dead Set Babe polish swatches.

Hi there everyone! Today I have a great brand to share with you! DEAD SET BABES. This is an Australian brand of indie polish which has been around for quite a while now, so if you have not seen or own a you go....... you need to get a bottle or two!!!

I have a couple of polishes from her collection to share with you today. So lets get on with it!

Neutron star collision- Is a black almost jelly based polish packed full of different coloured micro glitter and slightly larger glitter. It is opaque in 3 thin coats and so very sparkly tho due to the crappy weather we are having ATM I had to use the light box so you cannot see the sparkle as well as I would have liked! I used Dead set Babes glitter top coat as well.

Science Fair- I love the name for this polish. When I was a kid we only ever had one science fair at school and it was an epic fair for me. But I wished all the time we had them every year like you see on the TV. This polish is choc full of aqua,teal,white and lilac star glitter and the matching hexes with some added grape hexes. I loved how the glitter pay off was so good, I layered 1 coat over Ulta3 get teal, and used Dead set babes glitter topper.

Repair Machines-  Is a white glitter mix with primary colours sprinkled through out. a really fun combo of matte glitters! I have used one coat topped over Ulta3 sunset pink and used dead set babes glitter topper.

You can purchase Dead Set Babes at their shop HERE. not only do they have a great range of coloured glitters they also have cremes and holographic polish as well! plus all your top and base coats to purchase! its a one stop shop!  Make sure you check out their distributor lists also if you want to purchase in a shop!!! prices retail from $9.95.

Until next time.......
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