Thursday, April 10, 2014

Golden Oldie challenge- coral.

Hi there everyone! today we have another golden oldie challenge. The theme???? CORAL!.... and as I do not have a bunch of old coral polishes, I had to pull out the BIG GUNS!! Yep thats right! I cracked open my bottle of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, the colour??? Cinnabar. The sally hansen prism collection can be dated all the way back to 1985 if you look hard enough, but they keep turning up here and there on ebay and market stalls. I own I think 7 now but there are quite a few I do not have which one day I really hope to own.
So Cinnabar is an preachy coral coloured multichrome. it is really hard to capture the colours in this polish unless you paint it over black but today I decided to put it over a new sally hansen polish. Sally Hansen salon gel polish called kook a mango. It is a bright coral orange and I thought it would be a great base for this polish. Yes you DID here right. you can use normal nail polish with gel polish. It is all about waiting for the regular polish to fully dry before putting the next coat of gel. I will be doing a tutorial on this in a later keep your eyes out!
So here is the swatch. the cinnabar was that beautiful pearly colour which in different lights shifted from the coral to gold and then a pinky colour.
This is 2 coats over the gel polish.

Stunning ....right?????

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Until next time.......
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