Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tri polish Tuesdays- 1st April

Hi there everyone! another tri polish Tuesday is upon us and a new colour challenge. Pink ,yellow and blue! So I decided to start the month off with a neon mani! I used Gelicious french white gel base-2 coats and then hand painted on the stripes with China glaze yellow polka dot bikini, pool party and hanging in the balance. then a Top coat of Seche vite.

UV light.
My hand painting of the lines was not perfect by a long shot, but im using my non swatching hand ATM as my swatching hand got slammed in the car door last week breaking off all my nails to the nubs :( The things we do to make sure out kids do not get hurt!!!
So you will see my left hand a lot more this month!!!

Do not forget to check out everyone elses manis for this week!!!!

Until next time.......
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