Monday, April 21, 2014

AN Monday- Tape manicure

Hi there everyone! Today's theme for Aussie Nails Monday is Tape mani. Now I personally did not want to use striping tape for this mani. When striping tape and I get together I usually end up in a metallic tangled mess. So I opted for some washi tape and fancy cut scissors.

Using washi tape is simple. you can pick washi up from most craft shops or even $2 shops. It is like a low tac tape that is made from paper, so easy to cut and inexpensive.
I used my zigzag scissors and cut a bunch of strips to use before painting my nails. I also used Gel polish for my base so I knew I would not smudge or affect the base coat of my mani.
I used Gelicious bikini wax and Kiko sugar mat 646 to create this mani. 1 cured coat of bikini wax, gelicious top coat and then 1 coat of kiko 646 for the taped parts.

in sun

in shade
I like how there is texture with the Kiko but still super shiny from the gel underneath.

You can pick up Gelicious gel polish HERE. Kiko is harder to get as it is an European brand but make sure you check out blog sales or maybe find someone to mule it from Spain.

Until next time.....
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