Friday, April 11, 2014

Fuse Gelnamel Swatches Part 1

Hi there everyone!
Today I have to share a new brand to australia called Fuse Gelnamel. This is quite a kooky idea of a hybrid gel that has a base coat, the colour gel and the top coat all in one formula. Suspicious??? me too at first. but after giving it a go I have found the idea is great for people who are short of time and want gel nails NOW!!! Especially if you have kids! this is a quick way to get those pinkies coloured quick smart and then you can carry on with the kiddies.
All the Gelnamel colours cure under LED lamps in 30 seconds. You can purchase a starter kit for $49.95 at a variety of department stores and chemists like Priceline. The kit contains one colour, lint free wipes a little bottle of a special cleanser (its basically isopropyl alcohol, tho I do like the little bottle as it fits in my nail box) a buffer file, cuticle stick and the LED lamp. I will be doing a post on the lamp later on and how it works, but for now let me tell you its cute, you do one finger at a time and you can plug it into a USB port so great to travel with!!!

Ok so lets get on with the 3 colours I have to share today.

* All these swatches were done step by step as per instruction on the Fuse instruction leaflet. so no top or base coat was used.

Such a Laser-  This gelnamel is a gold metallic colour. I was expecting a micro glitter from the look of the bottle but was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely gold metallic. I do not have one like this in my gel collection so was quite excited! It 2 coats to get opaque and no VNL. I noticed when I used the cleanser to remove the sticky residue at the end of the curing process a small amount of colour came off and the polishes looked a little dull, but after washing my hands with soapy water (which is what I do whenever I use gel polish) the shine came back. I was very impressed with this colour.

In Sun

In shade

Sonic Blue-m - A bright almost neon blue. I totally adore this colour. It is "in your face"and I cannot wait to use it lots of nail art. The formula went on a little streaky with the first coat, but improved after the second. I think the main reason was due to the tiny brush that came with it. I have noticed that some colours have longer brushes than others. I contacted Fuse, and they have assured me that the new batch of gels will all have the longer brushes, which is awesome. The small brush was manageable so stick with it, the colour is worth it!!!!
I did 3 coats here and you can see a little VNL but I think with a longer brush i would not have seen this VNL. 

In sun

In shade

Intens-so fly- OMG!!!! I totally needed a good green that does not take a million coats and I have found it!!! I am totally loving this green!!!!! It was 2 coats and what can I say! I am just happy I now have this colour in my stash! The formula was great and went on perfect. Love! Love! LOVE!!!!!

In sun

In shade
So there you have it. The first 3 shades of Fuse Gelnamel. I will be swatching more of the shades over the coming weeks. so make sure you subscribe to my blog so you do not miss out on a single swatch!

You can purchase Fuse Gelnamel HERE. Or if you would like to go to a shop check out PRICELINE as they currently have 25% off until 16th April 2014.

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