Friday, February 13, 2015

Hit the Bottle Stamping Polish Review

Hi there everyone!
Today I have 2 stamping polishes from Hit the Bottle. This is a fairly new brand in the stamping world and I had not really heard of them until I was asked on Facebook if I could swatch some of their stamping polishes. I was lucky enough that my friend Rebecca of Polished Peripherals had just done an order with Hit the Bottle and offered me to lend me 2 of the colours  she had just purchased.

Here is The green fairy and Peach Bow.

The first thing I noticed with these stamping polishes were that they are only 4 mls. but for $3.50 a bottle that's pretty cheap for a stamping polish.
The next thing I noticed was the formula. I Have been swatching many brands for Stamp-A-Palooza and formula's varies from brand to brand. The green fairy was quite thick which I thought would be great for stamping. The Peach Bow on the other hand had completely separated. The polish was thin and watery on the top and at the bottom it was super thick and gloopy. I gave it a good shake but it stayed the same. I am assuming there was no ball bearing in the polish, tho after reading Hit the Bottles website they state that all polishes now come with ball bearings. (honestly I thought that was a given when making polish.....)  I ended up getting a orange stick and trying to mix the pigment into the watery stuff. I seemed to have succeeded but the polish still had bits in it.

I decided to swatch both on a stick with black and white so you can see the results of the polish.

Left to right- Peach Bow and The Green Fairy

As you can see the green fairy stamps great! I love how it is opaque over both black and white. Peach bow on the other hand ...Hmmm not so much. I found it took me 4 goes to get the polish to stamp correctly due to the lumpiness of it. I do tho like the effect the polish gave over black but the polish over white I felt was a little sheer.

 I decided to use The green Fairy to do a mani over Glitter Gal black Serpent.

All in all, I kind of have mixed feeling on this brand. I have only tried 2 polishes but as one was not so great, i'm undecided. I think I need to give the brand a second chance. I know that I borrowed them too but Rebecca has just received them in the post so I know it is not an issue with how she stored them. But the green fairy is beautiful. It truly is.
I'm not use to being undecided on a brand, so I will give  Hit the Bottle the benefit of the doubt and say that it may just be that particular colour. What do you think ? I would love to hear from other people who have tried the brand :) 

Hit the Bottle are $3.50 for a 4 ml bottle and $10.00 for a full size 12 ml bottle. Postage is determine on how many you purchase and at the time of this post Hit the Bottle only ship with in Australia.

Until next time.....
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