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Nail Stamping Queen Stamping Polish Review.

*Press Sample

Hi there everyone! Today I will be sharing with you the new Nail Stamping Queen Stamping Polishes. 
I have really had a good look at what is out there in the stamping world this past few months while researching for the Stamp-A-Palooza month. It is amazing how many brands are out on the market ATM.  I was lucky enough to get my pinkies on to this brand. Nail Stamping Queen Sent me some for review and as I liked them so much I went out and brought the rest. That is how much I liked these. 
Now the price is not the cheapest on the market, but to me it is all about performance when it comes to a stamping polish. the BIG box that needs to be ticked is....well is it opaque on black??? There are a lot of brands that claim this and honestly as far as white is concerned, MDS, Celestial cosmetics and Nail stamping Queen so far are the only ones that really do exactly as what they claim. MDS for me is out of the picture tho as I'm not a fan of not knowing what I am putting on my fingers ( you can see the review Here ) Everyone knows  I am a fan of Celestial Cosmetics stamping polish (you can see my review Here)  But I have to say that Nail Stamping Queen stamping polishes are now one of my go to products!!!

Its all about the opacity!!!!!!!

Lets check them out!  
Nearly all of their colours stamp opaque on black. as there are just so many, I have stamped on black card stock. and the black on a white sticker. I have also done some manicures too which I will share at the bottom, Some of the manis you may have seen before but I want to remind that's they stamp well over everything. Formula varies depending on the colour. some of these colours need to be HIGHLY pigmented to get opaqueness over black so I did find several of my bottles to have lumps in them. I have been assured when talking to the owner that she has fine tuned her mixing process and nearly all polish leaving her now has no lumps, but honestly the lump issue does not affect the stamping in any way. The Formula is also quite thick. Again this is due to the pigment, and in turn, I think makes for a better stamping polish. It is easy to use and gives great coverage due to its thick nature. The stamping polish is also noted you can use them as a polish as well, tho personally I would not do this, with such high pigments and tint you may end up with stained nails. So I will only use them for stamping.

All colours have their name under them in the images and are grouped by colour hue.

White,Black Greys and silvers- A lot of these look quite similar. The off white/dove grey and silvery are very similar, but the white and silver lustre is a must have!

Pinks and Reds- The Fluro pink is amazing!!!! and as you can see all the reds are different. It is hard to see on this meduim but some of the reds are shimmery while others are a matte finish.

Yellows and Oranges- Again all of these are great. I love the fluro orange and oink! I would love to see a basic orange in this collection of colours tho.

Greens- This is a great variety of greens again some are shimmery and others matte. I am glad I have all of theses!!!!!

Blues and purples- Once again a great variety of colours here. I would love to see a bright purple or 2 here and maybe a few more different blues.

All in all These are awesome, I would love a brown and beige added to this collection and maybe some different metallics but I cannot complain on the variety, plus I know they are all 5 free and safe to use on your nails and get on your skin.

Here are a few manicures I did with these stamping polishes.

canary yellow and hot purple


hot lips

L-R - Oink, ultamarine blue, ruby satin and fluro pink

black, white fluro pink

Nail Stamping Queen stamping polish sells minis (8ml) for AUD$6.50  and full size (12ml) for AUD$10.00. They ship with in Australia and now have an international option if you would like to purchase them too. 

And to make it even more awesome Nail Stamping Queen  have offered a 10% off code for all Nail Stamping Queen Polish. Just use the code Loki2015 for your 10% off.

Until next time........

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