Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Messy Mansion Basic Accessory Kit Review

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Hi there everyone! Today I have to share with you the new Messy Mansion Basic Accessory Kit.
This kit was recently released to help stampers. The kit includes 2 Scrapers, a primer block and 1 metal template.

I will be using the kit plus a Lead Lighting plate from Messy Mansion as well as Stamping polish from Celestial Cosmetics and Loki's Nail Aprons

The Kit retails for AUD$6.31 at the moment (prices do vary depending on the exchange rate).

The primer that comes with the set is great for making sure you get a good crisp image when stamping. I will be doing a video of that in the next few days and showing exactly how I prime my stampers.

The scrapers are a great alternative to the regular store card or old gift card most of us use. What I do like about them is that there are 2, and they are clear. Because they are clear you can see what you are scraping!
Lastly is the template. I like that it is metal, so it is not at all flimsy. There is no way you are going to break it! I also like the fact that with this template you can do many different techniques to get the stamped image on to your nails.

I have created a video showing how to use the template and what you can do with it!!!

Please excuse the blurriness of the video. God knows what I did but for some bizarre reason it did not seem to be as clear as the last one.

After all the different ways to use the template, I re did my nails with each technique to share for you.

You can get some great effects with the template. I think my favourite is that I can now get smaller images on my stamper without getting other parts of the stamping plate as well!!!

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You can pick up the Basic accessory kit from Messy Mansion for $6.31 and the Lead Lighting Stamping Plate for $12.81. the Messy Mansion MM43 plate retails at $8.97

The Celestial Cosmetics Stamping Polish is available in minis ($6.50) and full size($8.50) each.

Loki's Nail Aprons are available for sets of 12 for $5.00(small) and $5.50 (large)

Until next time.....
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