Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Prime a Nail Stamper Tutorial

Hi there everyone!
Today I will be sharing with you all how I prime my stampers.
When I first started out trying to nail stamp the images were very hit and miss. The images I picked up sometimes were missing parts, and I never knew why. But I found out very quickly that the stamper heads needed to be primed. 

So what do you need to prime your stampers???

You will need the following......
  • A stamper and Stamper head that needs to be primed.
  • Lint free wipes
  • Isopropanol alcohol 
  • Magic Eraser (or a fine grit nail file)
  • cuticle oil
When you get a new stamper head you will notice that the Stamper head is really shiny. This is what you need to remove and make the stamper head dull. I found that the shininess of the stamper head can be what causes it to almost repel the stamping polish.

I have put together a short video so show how to prime your stamper head. 

After you have primed the stamper head the one thing you need to remember is, every time you use your stamper to never use nail polish remover on it. 
To remove any excess polish from your stamper always use masking tape. This then takes off the excess polish without damaging your stamper. If for what ever reason you do effect the stamper head so it stops stamping correctly, not a drama, just re prime the stamp head!!!

I hope this had been informative. you can pick up your new stamping heads from Messy Mansion as a great price.

Until next time.......
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