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Mundo De Unas Stamping Polish Review.

Hi there everyone!!! Today I am reviewing one of the big stamping brands on the market Mundo de Unas 
As a Stamping polish brand they jumped onto the market over a year ago with an amazing range of "opaque on black" stamping polishes.
It was only recently that I decided to purchase a few to try. I had been hesitant at first to buy them as there was a lot of chatter on what the "stamping polish" was made from. As a person who uses their nails every day for their  blog I am very careful on what I put on them and if a product does not tell you what's in it I am very wary.
There has been talks on the internet that they could be a gloss enamel model paint type of product and not in fact nail polish at all.... but as I am not the person who makes them and I cannot anywhere on the web find an ingredient list, I cannot honestly tell you whats in them. Tho I can give you my personal opinion.

I have 4 colours to share. I purchased the minis from Nail Stamping Queen who is a re seller here in Australia. The full size black I borrowed from a friend who did an order from MDS direct.

OK so let check them out.......

So when I received the 3 minis in the post the first thing I noticed was the smell. Wow! They do smell a bit. Not like regular polish does its a different smell, the kind of smell you get from oil based gloss paint for houses. So that got me thinking........ what are they? I went to my local hobby shop and brought a small tin of Umbrol white gloss enamel paint to compare and yup, the smell was similar, as was the formula. I noticed (and you can see this well in the blue) that the "polish"is separating from the other ingredients just like gloss paint does. I also noticed that these take a real while to dry. A lot longer than regular polish. I think this is one of the reasons they are so good to stamp with. You have plenty of time to stamp!!!!

After all the investigating that I did, personally, and I have to press that this is MY personal opinion, I think these may be something other than nail polish. And personally I was not prepared to get this on my skin or nails. I have had a reaction to stuff on my hands before with polish remover and it is not pleasant.  So I will be showing you all swatches on nail sticks.

Please don't get me wrong, the colours are awesome, and if your just stamping every now and again I suppose it would not be too bad, I just don't like the fact that there are no ingredient lists anywhere even when by law some countries require it. So if you do have allergies I would make sure you think about using a product that is not certified in your country. This goes for any cosmetic product.

Stamping the Colours.

Ok so the colours from left to right are the following.- 42 Holland Blue, 02 Black, 39 Avocado and 01 White.

When scraping this on the plate they flowed great and filled the engraved part well. When stamping I used a rectangle sticky stamper and stamped on a nail stick which had black and white polish on it so you can see colours over dark and light polish. I did notice that I was not getting 100% crisp image, tho this could be a number of things. The plate I used was a new Born pretty plate. You can find the plate Here. 

So the stamped image colour wise was great. Very opaque and the bright colours went over the black a dream. I can see why everyone loves them so much!

Price and Value for money.

Mundo de Unas stamping polish comes in 2 sizes. minis and full size. I got a bit of a shock when the minis arrived! They were tiny!!!! I took a few comparison shots so you could get an idea of the bottle sizes.

This is the 14ml full size and the 5ml minis.

That looks fair enough. But here in Australia a mini is usually 8mls so when I popped the mini next to the 8ml minis from here it looks so much different!!!!

They are tiny right?!?

Ok ..... So prices...... If you purchase direct from  Mundo de Unas the minis are USD$1.65 and the full size are USD$3.50 each. Postage varies depending on where you are posting too.

Here in Australia if you do not want to wait the up to 6 weeks for stamping polish and you don't want to pay a mass of postage, you can purchase the minis from   Nail Stamping Queen Their cost is AUD$3.90 each mini (which is approx USD$3.00 at the time of this post) So the cost is more per bottle but you won't have to wait as long for them plus the postage should be cheaper.

Overall thoughts........

I love the bright colours that Mundo de Unas  offer. But I worry of the effects of a product that clearly does not have any kind of cosmetic certification and I cannot find out what is actually in them. If you really want an opaque stamping polish, there are other brands out there I feel that compare to MDS and are approved in Australia. The few I have will stay in my stash for comparison purposes but I will not be using them on my nails.

I hope this post was informative. It is not the most positive post reading it back, but I like to write what I personally believe when it comes to polish.

Until tomorrow, when we will be looking at the new messy mansion accessory kits!

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