Saturday, February 14, 2015

MoYou Stamping Plates Review.

Hi there everyone!
Today I have some MoYou stamping plates to share with you. MoYou is a UK based brand who sell stamping plates, polish and accessories. I ordered 4 plates before christmas and when they arrived I knew that I needed to ensure they were in the stamp-a-palooza!

Here are the 4 plates.

I love how the plates come in their little cases and they are themed. The only disappointment was with the covers. You have to take the stamping plates out to see what designs there are. On the plus side there are no sharp corners and the covers protect the plates.

Here is a closer look at the plates, MoYou sell a lot of their plates in a regular design size and a XL size. I purchased the XL size as I was not 100% sure how big the regular plate images would be. I think in the future I will buy the regular size as I have tiny nails. The XL size images are 1.5 x 2 cm.
Lets look at the plates themselves.

As you can see they plates come in several different formats.they sell a lot of "scene"type plates. the sailor plate above is one of those. These are great if you want to create a scene on your nails or if you have longer nails than the regular plate images are.

The next type is the regular type 1.5 x 2 cm rectangle images. these are your traditional style.

Lastly we have the mini images. These are great to accent your nails or stamp over other full nail stamped designs.

I decided to use the Hipster plate on my nails then the time traveller plate over it.
I used Illamasqua radium (2 coats) then stamped with Nail Stamping Queen fluro pink, white and black.

The plates were easy to use and I had no issues with stamping apart from trying to get the plaid straight. I have really curvy nails so when I stamped they bent around my nail.

You can get MoYou  plates on their website and they sell for 4.99 UK pounds each plus postage. tho keep an eye out for offers as they do have free postage offers on quite regularly.

Until next time........

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