Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lead Light Lacquer Technique tutorial

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Hi there everyone!!! today I have a great tutorial for you. It is all about the lead light technique everyone has been talking about!
I was lucky enough to have the new Powder Perfect Lead Light Lacquers sent to me, and So I decided to share with you a little video on how to obtain that great effect quickly on your nails,

Ok, do before we get into it lets check out the polish I will be using.

From left to right we have - Illuminate, Medieval, Flora, Cranberry Glass, Charlemange, Tracery and Cerulean. All of these are what I would describe as a sheer tint. You would need like 6 coats I reckon to be opaque, but that is the point of them!!!! They are meant to be sheer for this very technique! All of them had a great formula and were easy to work with both a dotting tool and a brush.

So the technique, well first up here are a few pointers.
  • When doing the lead light technique, ensure you have a pale base like white or creme.
  • Try to find a stamping plate with bold lines but large open spaces as well to easily colour in. You do not want to much of a small area as this will be harder to paint in.
  • once you have stamped your pattern in black, pop on a quick dry top coat. I recommend this as you will be putting a solvent based product over the black pattern. by adding a clear top coat in-between you will have less of a chance for smudges and the black then mixing wit the colours.
  • If you do not have the colour needed mix your own. As long as you have the 3 basic primary colours you can pretty mix any colour!!! just pop a little on your plastic and mix!

Now you have got these tips check to the video. This will show you step by step how to create the lead light effect and how to mix colours to make your own custom colour.

I hope this has helped you with this technique.
Here is the final manicure.

You can purchase Powder Perfect Lead Light lacquers for $8.80 each, or you have the option to just buy the primary trio for $25.00 or a full mini set like I used for $36.00. At the moment there is a sale on so the primary trio is only $22.50.

The stamping plate I used was the Messy Mansion Lead Light Lacquer A01 plate which sells for $12.77 atm.

If you have any questions please pop a comment below and I will get back to you asap
Until next time.....
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