Sunday, February 15, 2015

Messy Mansion Stamping plates.

*Press Sample (lead lighting and bridal plates)

Hi there everyone! Today I will be sharing with you several Messy Mansion stamping plates.
Messy Mansion sell many different types of plates. The basic type of plate Messy Mansion is the circle one. There are over 44 designs, with lots of different themes. Here are 4 of them to show you what they look like.

Here Is a manicure I have done using MM05 plate.

Next up are the Lead light Lacquer plates. These are designed for the Lead Light technique. I will be doing a whole post and video on how to do this, but for now I will show you the plates and how they stamp. The Lead Light Lacquer plates I found,due to their bold lines stamped amazing. I used the Creative Stamper to stamp all the images so you could get a good idea of how they looked.
Here are the plates. and how they stamp with black stamping polish on white cardstock.

Each plate has a great variety of  patterns and if you have longer nails a plate like the Lead Light Lacquer ones are a great option as you can get a consistent pattern on your nails.

Here is a Manicure done with the Lead Light Lacquer Plate A05.

Next  up is the Bridal Plates. Theses are delicate patterns that are beautiful for that special moment in your life where you want a subtle but glorious manicure. Bridal is totally the right word for theses pretty plates.

As you can see they stamp beautifully. Here is a subtle Manicure I created using Bridal Plate 02.

Saying that, if you tone it up you can get some great bright manis too!!!!

All of these plates are available over at Messy Mansion prices vary from $9.00.
Make sure you stay tuned as I will be using the Lead Light plates for the Lead Lighting Technique this month.

Until next time..........
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