Sunday, February 22, 2015

Using nail foils with stamping video.

Hi there everyone!!!
Today I would like to share with you A new technique that I saw first on Messy Mansion's You Tube Channel.  Using nail foils with stamping!!!!!

So most of us have seen foils pop up and about over the past few years. I have had foils in my craft stash for ever!!! The nail foils we see for sale I have been using and demonstrating on my other blog and even doing an article in an cardmaking magazine that I work for over the past 15 years! Yup foils are THAT old!!!!
Anyways, So  the usual way is to pop on a top coat or special polish and stick them to your nails. It can be very hit and miss and messy. But how awesome would it be to use them with stamping plates?!?!
 Julia on messy mansion did a tutorial and I asked her if it was ok for me to do the same and pop one up on my blog. which she said was ok :) 
So I have created the below video to show you how to use the nail foils with stamping.

Here is a little recap for you....
  • Make sure you take all the clear layer off the back of the foil.
  • When choosing a polish to stamp with, try and pick a colour that matches your foil, that way if you miss a bit it will not be as visible.
  • Also, when choosing a stamping polish make sure it takes a little while to dry so you have time to apply the foil and it stick.
  • When you have finished your nails put a coat of Picture polish revolution or a specialised sealer before your top coat or the foil may crinkle.
I hope this will help you create more amazing and special manis!!!
If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will reply asap.

Until next time......

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