Sunday, February 1, 2015

Introduction To Nail Stamping.

Hi there everyone!!!!

So as today is day one for Stamp-a-Palooza, I thought that I would post the basics of Nail stamping and How I started.

Then first time I stamped was over 2 years ago. There was not many brands out there who had product and there was no one who was even making nail stamping polish!! So I used a $2 bottle of Ulta3, a old store card and a cheap 99 cent basic stamper. There were no creative stampers or sticky stampers about just a plain rubber stamper. 
We look at the market now in 2015, and there are many nail stamping polish brands available, a mass of different branded plates and every tool you can think of to use in stamping!
But where do you start? How much will you need to spend? Who has the best deals and plates, tools and polish??
Hopefully I will be able to help you decide what to purchase over the next month.

Today I have a video to share with you. Don't laugh... it is my first attempt so hopefully they will get better over the month. :D 

So the basic products I used in this video are below.  They are exactly what I used when I started
* A standard plate from Born Pretty Store which set me back 99 cents
* A standard rubber stamper from Born Pretty Store that cost me at the time 99 cents. (they are about $2.99 now) 
*An old store card. 
*The polish is Ulta3 black satin, and even now this is still one of the best black polishes to stamp with!

You will also need the following basic extras- 
* Nail polish remover
* Lint free wipes
* Fast dry top coat
* Masking tape

Check out the video below!

I hope this video helps you all to stamp your first design!
I will be doing more tutorials over the next month so do not forget to subscribe to my channel and Loki's Lacquer on the left sidebar so you can get emails on each tutorials.

Also during the month if you have any questions at all be sure to pop them in the comments and I will try to accommodate for you :)

Tomorrow I will be sharing a review on Mundo de Unas stamping polishes.

So until tomorrow.....

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