Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Stamp in Multi Colours, Plus How to Make a Stamping Polish Opaque.

Hi there everyone!!!!
Today I have a got 2 techniques to share with you today for Stamp -A-Palooza.
 Firstly I have one on how to stamp in multiple colours and the second part of the video shows you how to make a previously non opaque stamping polish become opaque over darker colours.

For both of these techniques I will be using Celestial Cosmetics stamping polishes. 

Why?? you might ask am I using this particular brand of stamping polish?? Well Celestial Cosmetics stamping polish I have found is the smoothest and cleanest stamping polish on the market. There is not an overload of pigment in the colours and because of this the polish is smooth not lumpy and stamps and dried at a good even rate. The only down side to this is that most of them are not opaque over darker coloured polishes. Hence why I have made the second half of the video.

Ok so what do you need?

Well in this video I am using all of the current shades of Celestial Cosmetics stamping polishes. I am also using the Messy Mansion basic accessory kit and rectangle stamper. I am using this in all of my tutorials so there is a constant element in everything I do this month.
I also used the Fab UR Nails stamping plate FUN12 and the Lead Lighting Lacquer plate from  Messy Mansion.

The usual lint free wipes and polish remover are also used.

Here is the video.

Here is the finished mani with the multi coloured stamping.

And here is the finished mani with the now opaque colours.

Both techniques are super simple when you know how and the second technique to make a stamping polish can be used for all polish, tho I recommend to use a white stamping polish to mix with due to the high pigmentation in stamping polish. Please remember tho that when ever you put a lighter colour into a darker colour the finished colour will be slightly lighter.

Maybe try it with different brands and stamp the results! I would love to see what you do over on my Loki's Lacquer Facebook Page so make sure you pop a pic up!!! and ill share on my site!

Now for the good stuff.......

 Celestial Cosmetics have kindly offered a discount code for the whole of this week for anyone wanting to purchase their stamping polishes and regular polishes. All you need is Loki10 to receive 10% off your order! how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you check out my other posts about stamping this month as there are othere discount to be had!!!!

Until next time.......

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